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St. Roch Community Church // drainage survey

St. Roch Community Church (SRCC) //  drainage survey

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In response the almost daily mobility and health problems related to inadequate drainage in the southern end of the community of St. Roch the SRCC hired a group of interns for the summer to start quantifying the neighborhood’s infrastructural problems.  The interns conducted an intensive survey process and collected over 70 responses to the St. Roch Community Drainage Survey.  The residents have been seeking change for decades, but have not been able to get the city to fund a project to mitigate drainage problems on the streets that are not connected to the city’s water infrastructure system.

The SRCC has shared their finding to help inform the thesis project.  The details of the results can be found in the Power Point link.

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St. Roch, New Orleans 2010/09   +   2011/02
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