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sketching body scale


neighborhood strategy // ground over figure

. . .a first pass.  there will be a series of diagram highlighting the different aspects of the strategy. (circulation, detention, metrics. . .)

st roch // seasonal punctuation

marigny st. // street sponge




word mapping // community voice inspiring new ground

Mapping // income + education

When I visited St. Roch I noticed differences in demographics at the micro-scale of blocks and streets.  Through the graphics I am attempting to reveal the diversity within the community which is not evident if the community is synthesized into a whole unit.   As a point of comparison I am including averages for New Orleans Parish to give context to the neighborhood statistics.



Mapping // St. Roch // Health

St Roch // health   (soil toxins, precipitation levels, what is the relationship?   –  mobility + absorptions/transmission of toxins)