Design and Social Change

RSA // Citizen Power

Citizen Power in Peterborough, a  project at the RSA,  is exploring a new approach to “how the renewal of civic activism and community action might improve attachment and networks between people, build local participation and cultivate public service innovation. ”  The program has identified a seven key criteria for promoting change including; Sustainable Citizenship, Recovery Capital, The Peterborough Curriculum, Civic Commons, Arts and Social Change, Making Social Media Social, and Civic Health Audit.  Two of the values- Civic Commons and Arts and Social Change- are two of the value parameters established in the stance for the St. Roch thesis.

  • Civic Commons (cultural pluralism): creating spaces for political and social debate, discussion and local activism
  • Arts and Social Change (transitive): the role of the arts in creating a sense of belonging and imagination in a place

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