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argument //pin-up preparation

frameworkataGlance2 REVISED FRAMEWORK    3/08



Mapping // income + education

When I visited St. Roch I noticed differences in demographics at the micro-scale of blocks and streets.  Through the graphics I am attempting to reveal the diversity within the community which is not evident if the community is synthesized into a whole unit.   As a point of comparison I am including averages for New Orleans Parish to give context to the neighborhood statistics.



Mapping // St. Roch // Health

St Roch // health   (soil toxins, precipitation levels, what is the relationship?   –  mobility + absorptions/transmission of toxins)




Mapping // St. Roch // Physical

social hotspots  + topo advantage  + water management perceptions  + monthly precipitation patterns + soil types (clay, clay and clay!)



social hot spots and physical infrastructure 2/17

Word Clouds + Graphics // survey



Using a narrative format for some of the survey questions provided the opportunity for personal responses, but it also presents a challenge to quantify and convey the results.   For each narrative response I sorted the answers into general category themes.  From the sum of the different categories I generated a pie chart to get a graphic understanding of the results.  However the pie chart method fails to capture the heart of the response, therefore I tried another technique for making the answers legible to a larger audience.   I choose to make a word clouds for each question.  The frequency of the words in the responses determined their size in each word map.

wordClouds_all.PDF //click PDF for all survey word clouds //  online resource:

Ex. Survey Question #9. What is one of your most important memories of St. Roch?

The numeric questions from the Living in St. Roch Survey have been expressed in pie charts and bar graphs.   The results are generated from 27 surveys gathered in a 24 hour period (2/2011).   I have logged the hand written surveys into an Excel spread sheet as a tool to generate quantifiable results.  The image below quantifies the community’s top concerns and the impact that the issues have on the quality of life in St. Roch.

ALL_GraphicSurveyResults.PDF //click for full survey results

dutch kinetic sculptures + artists

Jan Dibbets Portscapes // Maasvlakte

“traces a rectangle that has been corrected for perspective on the beach. The rising tide subsequently erases the drawing.”

Theo Jensen

Jensen uses the energy from the wind to animate his kinetic sculptures.  The interventions have anthropomorphic qualities because they are able to “walk” through energy harnessed from the wind.

Stormwater benefits // Bald Cypress versus Long Leaf Pine

Cultural Landscape Foundation // tree benefit comparison

Stormwater benefits: In the coastal plain region Longleaf Pine and the Bald Cypress have the potential to intercepting similar levels of runoff.

Longleaf Pine (8″ D):  765 gallons / year of runoff

Bald Cypress(8″ D):   765 gallons / year of runoff